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#Selective Refresh: Fast, Accurate Updates. Introduced in WordPress 4.5, Selective Refresh updates in the this relationship to provide visible edit shortcuts that help users find.

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Testing, Feedback, and Next Steps. Please leave them in the comments below. Feedback on the feature in general and the specific implementation is encouraged via the comments on this post, with any more technical implementation discussion happening on the Trac ticket or GitHub PR. Is there a way to add the function to my theme or must I convert my posts to pages and use 'categories for pages' plugin? The screencast was made with a handy tool called licecap. The primary reason for that though is that I've seen them all hurt performance with slow queries on each page load. It shows the same result that appears on the front end. WordPress Theme Tutorial (Part 1) Try out the various filters, browse themes, and install and preview them. Customize Selective Refresh Widgets. Thank you so much for the reply Nick. Proposed solution: Custom CSS with live preview. I hate those automatically started videos and will never use them in my projects and on my sites.

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These sorts of changes should not require that users take risks editing live files that might white screen their sites or jump immediately into developer-facing tasks such as using FTP. Again it might depend on how much custom CSS is being added. Custom CSS setting in the Customizer with the default refresh setting transport. Nice support, its solved now. Because the tests were conducted in-person with a limited set of volunteers, additional testing with a broader user base would be ideal.