adding contextual help to wordpress

Description. This function is used to add a tab to the Contextual Help menu in an admin page. add_help_tab() is a method of the WP_Screen() class, and can not.
Adding WordPress Contextual Help Screens to All Admin Areas. Adding our help screen is a straight forward process. Once we have access to.
If you are familiar with the WordPress admin, you probably noticed the “ Help ” tab at the top right of nearly every screen. Clicking this little gem. Local Business Directory Builder Plugin for WordPress It saves both me and the client time. Posted in Admin area. I had been using a plugin, and editing each site was a pain in the gazitchka. If you add your site name, company name, or something completely random, I'll likely change it to whatever I want. I can only imagine how busy you are…awesome how you handled the standout additions from Andrew N. Powered by WordPress and Hybrid Core.