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Your navigation menu makes or breaks your website's UX, which is what you should be primarily designing for at all times. There's no better so allowing users to access the navigation menu more quickly is a best practice.
Effective website navigation can lead to happier visitors and Here are six best practices to bear in mind as you think about the navigation for your overly creative with your word choice (design is another matter altogether).
The navigation trend is slowly changing - from visually dominant, centered menus to the modern website navigation best practices.

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Instead, we often advocate for grouping content into big buckets that are aligned with visitor expectations and provide a clear overarching structure to the subpages they contain. Track, analyze and optimize your growth cycle. Please enter a valid email. Over time this icon may become widely understood, but for now, testing with users and tracking analytics will help to ensure that the navigation you are using works for your particular context. What would users do without menus? website navigation design best practices Visitors expect to find horizontal navigation across the top or vertical navigation down the left side. Unfortunately, the natural drawback of this style is disorientation and poor navigation. Image source: Proper navigation design is the basis for website usability. The visitor ought to be able to access the information he wants without any complications or delays. Try consolidating things like login and search input fields by hiding them initially and showing them on hover website navigation design best practices click instead. So too few navigation options can be a turnoff. Pro Tip: This trick also works for the rest of the page, not just the navigation. Best Practices For Designing A Navigation Menu