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A collection of high school websites with nice designs and functionality. High school websites shoudn't be years behind the curve.
2015 was a big year for changes in web design. It fostered in a new kind of storytelling that meant less text and more multimedia.
Ask any school communications director, IT manager or school superintendent what the best school website design company is, and they're. School Management System Using PHP and Bootstrap

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Share this: Facebook Twitter Google Email. Save this post for later. One of things I like about the quicklinks menu is a link to the blog by the head of school. The Secret to Telling a Memorable Story With Your Brand. Common areas of interest are organized intuitively using quicklink panels. What Designers Should Listen to for a Creative Boost. TASIS England and Switzerland's use of cinematic video showcases their campus, while and the use of moving photography illustrates how small, subtle amounts of movement can make a big difference in drawing a user in and creating a mood or feeling for the site. best school website design

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Best school website design For example, being unfriendly to your mobile users and having way too many links in your navigation are two major design flaws that actually are pretty common. Many of them are from universities and institutes of higher education, but other types of schools are represented as well. Website Accessibility Basics: Making Your District's Digital Content Accessible For All. Featured upcoming events overlay rotating feature images. Handling Dropdown Navigation Menus In Responsive Design. Teacher or classroom websites are good examples.
Best school website design After the header, the site content needs a bit of help but it provides students good information and the site is easy to navigate. Their news and events page is not only easily accessible, but once you get there, the unified thumbnails and teaser copy about the articles are invitingly clear. Check out our free resources. Best school website design a utility menu that sits atop the header, the color-coded main navigation is boldly presented smack dab in the middle of the screen, superimposed over featured photos that depict typical day-in-the-life-of scenes from this all-girls school. Not too long ago, most kids automatically attended their neighborhood school. See for yourself why schools are making the switch. Best Responsive WordPress Themes.