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Best mobile website design 2015 Have a great day, thanks for the awesome read! The site is particularly effective on mobile devices, where the background image can be changed with a swipe of your finger. Now, on to the beautiful things. Follow for inspiration on Twitter and Facebook. Slack via Lauren Tan. If you're unfamiliar, the basic premise is this: The book tells the story of Santa's scout elves, who are sent by Santa to watch over children in their homes all over the world and report back to Santa. By the way how did you judge them?
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best mobile website design 2015 If you look at Evernote's homepage on your desktop computer, you'll notice how clean the design is. Best Use of Video. Now, on to the beautiful things. Drama: Long Form or Series. Full width images with headlines underneath it. While it isn't necessarily as pretty to look at as a lot of the other websites on this list, it is a good reminder that responsive design at its simplest is best mobile website design 2015 making your free webpage graphics happy - this site does this by allowing travelers to get to the data they are looking for on any device quickly. As you can see in the example below created in the collaborative prototyping tool UXPinthese use animations to reveal a menu when clicking on a specific button and prevent a jarring transition like a navigation drawer hidden behind a hamburger icon.

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Their website is a great example of good mobile-friendly web design. Found us from search engine? Use responsive images which are defined using a percentage. Join the BFM Social Community. Apply performance testing into the process in order to effectively measure and optimize each site. Subscribe to the Mobify Insights Blog. See the result of an action. Fort Myers Best Mobile Website Design