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They'll just say yaay you've qualified for our partnership and we think your channel will best fit with our Maker Gen network. So pretty much.
On top of all this non-sense from Maker Gen they decided to delete their ENTIRE SUPPORT section of their forums! My guess is because of all.
Partner now with Maker Studios, a talent-first, technology driven media company and the #1 producer and distributor of online content reaching millennials in the.
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Maker Gen seeks to provide the building blocks for creators of any medium to benefit from its tools and services, offering guidance, resources and incentives like brand partnerships, talent collaboration and creator development. DON'T Join MAKER GEN! Maker also announced Maker Shop, a relaunch of its commerce store formerly known as Rodeo Arcade, where fans can buy products sold and created by its talent pool. Hi, I just wanted to check that you got my last email as it was over a week ago, I have copied and pasted my previous email below. Palidor and Noobzilla like this.. No, create an account now. Create a book Download as PDF Printable maker gen. Please complete all fields. The latest social talent and multi-channel network news. The offer of an improved revenue share was appreciated, however it doesn't change my situation. Which isn't bad if thats what you wanted but yeah.

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FIRST PEWDIEPIE, NOW ME! / Maker Gen Letting Partners Go!
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