facebook logo for business cards

how do you put the little blue facebook icon, or a "find me on facebook " on your business card through your website?.
Facebook has very strict guidelines regarding the use of its logos. to Reference a Facebook Page on a Business Card ; 3 How to Get Your Company Logo to.
Hi Kelia, You can learn more about what you should and should not do with Facebook brand assets here: precisioncompletion.com I hope this helps!. A growing number of professionals are finding it useful to include social media links on their business cards. Creative Director Theo Skye chooses to stick with his tried and true Twitter handle and profile picture. Ask a Question May I use the Facebook Logo on my Business Card? While this type of campaign can't necessarily be tracked, it's a good way to get the word out among new business acquaintances. Not that I am worried in the slightest because I have learned so much today and have managed to add some brilliant icons to my blog… Thanks! Download the Facebook "f" logo onto your computer. How to turn the facebook logo into a Halloween Logo facebook logo for business cards
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